Date Night Dance Company
offers Ballroom and Latin social dance instruction in a fun, friendly and comfortable environment so you  can easily learn to dance for your own enjoyment or that special occasion.  It is our hope to enrich lives through the joy of dance.

  We'd love to have you join us for a "date night" very soon.
Jeff and Glenda Pray
All group dance classes, private dance lessons and open dances are held at
Balleraena Dance Studio, 6901 S Louise Ave, Sioux Falls, SD.

Group Dance Classes
Group dance classes are great for beginner dancers and those that are working on mastering the beginning steps.  Each class session is one night per week for four weeks and features two or three different dances.  Classes are listed as either "A" or "B" which means we teach different beginning moves in the different sessions.  You do not need to take the "A" session before taking the "B".  We do not change partners; you will dance the entire class with your own partner.  Sorry, we do not have partners available for singles wishing to take group classes.  We suggest finding a friend to bring with you. Prices are per couple.  If you want to split the cost we are happy to do that. Group dance classes are scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  For current and upcoming class offerings check our class calendar page.

Private Dance Lessons
Private dance lessons  are available for singles, couples or small groups of couples.  They work well if you’ve mastered the dance moves in the group class and would like more advanced instruction.  They are also perfect for couples wishing to learn a dance for a special occasion such as a couple’s first dance at their wedding.  If the schedule for the group lessons doesn’t fit your calendar, you might consider private lessons instead.  Private lessons are usually scheduled for one hour at a time and are available by appointment on weekends.

Private Large Group Dance Sessions
Private large group dance sessions are perfect for any large group such as churches, civic or fraternal organizations, or workplace groups that would like to plan a social event to include dance instruction.  The format of the large group session could be similar to our open dance format where the basic steps to several dances are taught or the session could be focused on just a few dances with a few more moves taught in each dance. It’s your session; you plan it to accommodate your needs and desires.  Why not market it as “Date Night”?  Large group sessions are available by appointment on weekends and are limited to 40 people when held at Balleraena Dance Studio.  Off site and out of town sessions may be scheduled for an additional cost.

Open Dances
Twice a month on weekend evenings Date Night Dance hosts dances open to the public as well as clients.  The open dance nights vary from month to month so check the calendar for the current schedule. 

High School Lesson and Open Dance are open to middle & high school students up to age 20. The lesson is 6:00-6:45 pm. Pre-registration is required as there is a minimum number needed to hold the lesson.  The dance is 7:00-8:15 pm.  Students may attend alone or with a partner. 

Adult Open Dance for those ages 18 and above is 8:30-10:00 pm.  At the start of each adult open dance there will be a short beginning lesson in one of our Ballroom, Latin, Swing or Country dances.  After the lesson, we’ll play a variety of music so you can practice different dances.  We will teach the basic step to each dance. As with the group classes we do not switch partners so be sure to bring someone to dance with. 

Open dances are a wonderful opportunity to practice what you’re learning in your class or private lesson and to get a taste of some other dances.  They are also great for people wanting to come in and check out what we do at Date Night Dance.  The public is always welcome to attend. No pre-registration is required.  Pay at the door. For current and upcoming open dance schedules check our class calendar.
    Date Night Playlist
                   Music Picks for 
          May Group Dance Classes

Each month we'll post songs that you'll recognize and enjoy as you practice the dances you're learning.  Click on the song to hear it.

Single Swing
Jeff's Pick                           Rock this Town by Stray Cats
Glenda's Pick         Sing Sing Sing  by Benny Goodman

Jeff's Pick            How deep is Your Love by The Bee Gees
Glenda's Pick                         Let's Stay Together by Al Green

Jeff's Pick           There Goes My Everything by Elvis Presley
Glenda's Pick                    When I Said I Do by Clint Black

Jeff's Pick                     Pennsylvania 6500 by Glenn Miller
Glenda's Pick   The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra

Jeff's Pick                         Por Una Cabeza by Carlos Gardel
Glenda's Pick                        Sway by The Pussycat Dolls

Date Night Dance Company offers group dance classes and private dance lessons in these dances:
Cha ChaSalsa
Rumba         Tango
Foxtrot         Waltz
Two-Step    Jitterbug
Single Swing              Triple Swing
Nightclub Two-Step

Check our dance descriptions page
for decriptions of each dance.

For current and upcoming dance classes check the class calendar on our calendars & prices page.                   605-338-3685           
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Jeff and Glenda were instructors at Ballroom at the Bridges in Sioux Falls before it closed in December, 2010.  They strive to bring the same comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that dancers found at the Ballroom.  Fun is the most important element to social dance and that's what you'll find at Date Night Dance Company.
Date Night Dance Company, LLC is a BBB Accredited Dance Company in Sioux Falls, SD